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Working together for positive ways to resolve disputes

Culture is very much a part of the workplace and when disputes arise between people, they usually affect those who work or live in close proximity. Such ongoing situations can seriously undermine the smooth running of your business or organization whether commercial or third sector – and this is where Mediation comes in. It is a process that values people as individuals and their roles within the workplace and aims to bring about positive outcomes and working solutions.

As an energetic mediator since 1997 working in a wide variety of contexts, my services are usually sought where conflicts have become entrenched. I work together with those affected by a dispute to explore positive ways to resolve all types of complaints in the work situation. With sound approaches to encourage and facilitate people to engage with the challenges facing them, Mediation is a healthy process in that it encourages participants to take responsibility for working through issues in a safe and productive environment. It develops in stages from discussions about the conflict, to engaging with ideas of what people want to happen, to moving on to what is workable and acceptable to all parties involved. Mediation is likely to take a reasonable amount of time and be cost effective.

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Tel: 0131 332 0008