At some stage or another Landlords can have issues with Tenants or Tenants themselves can be unhappy with their Letting Agent or Private Landlord or Social Landlord. There are many good reasons why you would resolve these difficulties at an early stage:

  • It can keep a property occupied and rental income continuing.
  • A tenant can maintain their housing security perhaps when their life is not going smoothly.
  • Legal Action to evict a tenant is stressful and expensive and time-consuming for all involved.

What issues might be addressed through Mediation?

  1. Rent arrears caused by a shortfall in housing benefit, non-payment of rent or no income
  2. Deposits
  3. Anti-social behaviour
  4. Neighbour Complaints
  5. Repairs
  6. Access.

Useful links

Scottish Government

Scottish Association of Landlords

Private Rented Housing Panel

Council of Estate Agents

Home Owners Housing Panel

Cyrenians Conflict Resolution Services

If you are a Landlord or Agent who wants to work with Tenants before small problems become large ones, contact me to discuss costs and process. I always aim to offer a confidential service and would work with all people involved in a respectful way. I would not collect information for legal processes. In the right hand panel there are some useful websites for people letting property in Scotland.

In the City of Edinburgh there is also a free service provided by Edinburgh Cyrenians Conflict Resolution Services to offer Mediation to people who are at risk of loosing their home through difficulties with their landlord or lender. Liz Law is the mediator who has carried out this role since the Service was available in June 2009.

Read the Impact Report for Landlord Mediation (PDF)

What does the Mediator do?